ULUD Key Features

Learn which features owners of affiliate networks use to track, manage, and optimize their campaigns in ULUD.

Fast and secure

  • DB solution 250 times faster MySQL
  • Really fast report generation
  • Log and backup everything
  • Superfast redirect
  • Trafficback URL

Friendly support

  • Email, Tickets, Chat and Phone
  • Onboarding support
  • 30 days of the trial period
  • Free migration help
  • Dedicated manager

Four panels

  • Different roles different panels
  • Admin panel
  • Managers (Customization)
  • Advertiser panel
  • Affiliate panel

Offer settings

  • 15,360 options of offer statuses
  • Set individually for each user
  • Private, Access, Visible ...
  • Caps by time and variables
  • 5+ categories of offers

Complete users control

  • Companies and users
  • Customized sign up fields
  • Powerful referral system
  • 2FA protection
  • Full logs

Advanced reports

  • Reports views like a tracker
  • More than 20 analytical reports
  • Advanced data points
  • Powerful filter system
  • Real-time reporting

News inside your network

  • Create and manage news
  • Manage news category
  • Separate for each user roles
  • Immediate notification
  • Convenient editor

Powerful ticket system

  • Tickets with advertisers
  • Tickets with affiliates
  • Performance reporting
  • Create and manage categories
  • Status priority

Flexible billing

  • Invoice generator
  • Balance change history
  • Confidence threshold for Advertisers
  • Detailed payment system
  • Full reporting for Admin

Notification center

  • No user will be left without notice
  • Set up your own sending methods
  • Completely customized templates
  • Triggers for each event
  • Notification logs

Rest API

  • Connect optimization instruments
  • Works for all users
  • Description of all methods
  • Get all reports
  • Secure JWT tokens

Full customization

  • Set up custom network URL
  • Unlimited domains for redirects
  • Upload your logo and favicon
  • Change text and template color
  • White label

FAQ for users

  • Create and manage Q/A
  • For affiliates
  • For advertisers
  • Preview changes
  • Convenient editor

Additional pages

  • Create and manage additional pages
  • Change menu position
  • Different pages for users
  • Internal and external links
  • Variables allowed

List of ULUD features

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